Spray Tanning

Ready to achieve bronze goddess status, year round? We wish we had a private plane standing by to ferry you off to St. Kitts—but we’ll stick to our area of expertise. Our industry-leading spray tans feature our unique in-house spray tan blend, The Glow. The product is 100% plant-based, lasting, and fragrant (yes, really). Staying golden has never been so good.

Please follow these before and after care recommendations for best results:

  1. Exfoliate prior to your visit. Do not apply or use moisturizers or cream-based cleansers prior to your session. Do not wear antiperspirants, deodorants or perfume.
  2. Wear loose clothing. Remember, the product applied to your skin requires a minimum of 8-10 uninterrupted hours for proper development. Travel or activity is not recommended on the day of application, as it may prevent best results.
  3. Don’t get wet during development. Rain or shine, we can do a spray tan, but please come prepared to ensure your tan is protected on day one.
  4. Shower after 8-10 hours of development or within 24 hours (no longer).
  5. Moisturize well after first shower with low alcohol, unfragranced products. This is imperative to the longevity and performance of your tan. We only guarantee our tan with the take home products we provide as they have been tested and proven.

Additional color requests after application (within 24 hours) are subject to a charge of $5+. Requests for additional color within 7 days are subject to reapplication rates starting at $25. Reapplication within a week can cause inconsistencies in your tan, so if you wish to reapply, do so as soon as possible.

**24 Hour Cancellation Policy in full effect. Charges are applicable for late notification of cancellation or non arrival.

*** Student Rate of 10% is available, however VALID, DATED, STUDENT ID is required.

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