Skin Therapy

Investing in quality skincare now is one of the best decisions you can make for your future self. After all— you only get one face. Each service begins with a consultation to evaluate your needs and ends with a product and service regimen recommendation to ensure you not only achieve, but maintain an enviable glow.


  • Acnipur Blemish Therapy

    Acnipur Blemish Therapy


    For oily and acneic skin, this facial will detoxify, oxygenate, control sebum production and brighten your complexion. Add our back therapy with immersion mud for 55 minutes of ultimate relaxation. Want to avoid having to ‘check out’ when you leave the spa? Just click on “Add to Cart” below.

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  • Advanced Facials

    Advanced Facials | Age Correction


    Clinically inspired by botox injections, hyaluronic injections and facelifts, this advanced facial assists in the correction of fine lines and plumping of the skin. Its firm boosting components compliment your skin and help rectify the causes of aging. Complimenting this facial with Fractional Laser Services will boost your skin texture to a whole new level without any invasive procedures.

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  • L-Therapy

    Advanced Facials | L-Therapy


    Inspired by precision lasers to visibly act on uneven pigmentation (dark spots, scars and spider veins. In addition to discolouration, enhances skin firmness and quality. Using Vitamin C, Blue Algae for aging and stimulation techniques to bring true radiance and even texture to skin.

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  • mesotherapy-facial

    Advanced Facials | Mesotherapy


    Preventative measure in skin aging using techniques stimulating “micro-injections” of Hyaluronic Acid combined with a cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants. Revitalize, strengthen, plump up the skin, delay signs of aging. and re-energize cellular mechanics for an accelerated shaping up. Beautifully compliments our Skin Firming Medi procedure.

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  • Dual Resurfacing Peel

    Dual Resurfacing Peel


    Using AHA, intense exfoliation and brightening products, this treatment combines enzymatic and mechanical methods into one powerful service that transforms and rejuvenates the skin.

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  • express beauty facial

    Express Beauty Facial


    Your skin therapist will provide a full skin analysis incorporating the best combination of products, that will move your skin toward balance and reveal its natural beauty. This 30 minute introductory Facial is perfect to get your skin care regime started.

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  • Extended Youth

    Extended Youth


    Combat the signs of aging with this advanced skin therapy. Using specific focus techniques and products for firming and wrinkles. Add our back therapy with immersion mud for the ultimate relaxation experience.

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  • Facial in the City

    Facial in the City


    Depollute your skin. Many skin issues today are due to pollution and we have your solution! Revitalizes uneven skin tone reducing dark spots, puffiness and fatigue. Add our back therapy with immersion mud for 50 minutes of ultimate relaxation. Want to avoid checking out at the spa? You can “Add to Cart” below.

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  • Hydra-Facial

    Facial Monthly Membership


    Monthly membership offered to keep you skin on track! This skin gym helps our therapists customize a program best suited for your skin!


    • Must join for minimum 3 months and credit card provided will be charged monthly on the 15th of each month.
    • Facial price up to $100. Can be done at addition charge.
    • Sessions do not carry over. Sessions can be transferred to someone else with notice.
    • 10% off all products and other services (Massage Therapy not included).
    • 12 month term. 30 days written notice of cancellation required after 3 months.
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  • Hydra-Facial

    Hydra Blue Plumping and Moisture


    For dehydrated and dry skin, this luxurious facial provides radiance, moisture, nourishment and comfort to your skin leaving it plump and soft. Add our back therapy with immersion mud for 50 minutes of ultimate relaxation.

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  • Hydra Pump

    Hydra Plump


    Creme de la Creme of facials. We incorporate technologically advanced radio-frequency therapy in an area of your choice while clearing, infusing a plumping cocktail suited for your current skin condition. We include lifting and firming agents customizing each step leaving your skin crown worthy!

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  • Marine AHA Peel


    Performs like 30% glycolic peel naturally, without irritation.

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  • express beauty facial

    NEW Fresh Face


    Confused about what skin care to use? Want to know if our skin care will work for you? In between facials? This quickie15 minute skin analysis provides a hands on tutorial on at home skin regimes. It’s quick and to the point. Includes cleanse, tone, exfoliation, eye care and moisture therapy.  Lets get your skin care regime started!

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  • OG Hydra Boost

    OG Hydra Boost Facial


    Using our custom formulated OpusGlow Skin Care with a focus on hydration and age correction. Bring back radiance and plumpness to your skin. Perfect for dehydrated skin.

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  • OG-Illumination-facial

    OG Illumination Facial


    This facial is designed to remedy hyperpigmentation and mature skin types. This radiance-enhancing facial incorporates revitalizing peptides and Vitamin C to target pigmentation and lack of vitality resulting from external factors. In addition encapsulating hydration, nourishment and guard against environmental aggression.

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  • Oxygeneo

    Oxygeneo 3 in 1 Super-facial



    Get the exfoliation benefits of microdermabrasion plus deep facial rejuvenation with the infusion of essential revitalizing nutrients and healing skin oxygenation from within. Super facial treatments are suitable for all skin types – any ethnicity and pigmentation, sensitive skin, and even for those who keloid (scar) and couldn’t otherwise have abrasion treatments. Breakthrough OxyGeneo™ Technology provides superior anti-aging results by treating the skin at a deeper level. Exfoliate, Infuse, and Oxygenate your way to youthful skin. “Better than Microdermabrasion” Find out why professionals are calling the OxyGeneo™ Facial “better than microdermabrasion”. Skin Plumping & Hydrating, Restored Skin Volume, Renewed Youthful Glow, Increased Collagen, Reduced hyper-pigmentation, Improved Skin Cell Production, Reduce Appearance of Wrinkles, Safe for ANY skin type!

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  • Soothing Marine facial

    Soothing Marine


    For sensitive, fragile and tired skin. This soothing facial provides improved blood circulation, decreases redness and brightens complexion while strengthening your skin.

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Extractions by request or recommended by service provider.

**24 Hour Cancellation Policy in full effect. Charges are applicable for late notification of cancellation or non arrival.

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