Choose wise – Luxury in Day Spa

Why do I need to spend so much on a spa service when I can go to a nail salon? This appears to be a common question when pondering beauty and relaxation needs. At the end of the day, its all about what makes sense for you, however why compromise? Why, when we look at these types of beauty services do we assume cheaper is better? We’re good spending money on a meal experience, why not a beauty experience? Both are good social, heartwarming, relaxing experiences.

As a spa owner, I like to experience all types of quick maintenance, beauty or relaxation focussed spas. I like to know the points of difference before I determine how I want to make my desires and aspirations for my buisness look like. In my travels, I’ve experienced luxury at its finest, gimmicks and wannabes alongside express style experiences. I’ve actually received a manicure recently in an establishment that actually looked beautiful from the outside but was filthy, saw breaking apart a french bread stick at the manicures stations and eating it, while speaking loudly and aggressively an acceptable practice. They purposely sat my friend and I on either end of their little pow wow….we walked out spending $50 USD on a 25 min service that was not only a horrible experience, but a horrible result. I called it the ombre manicure….(yikes).

Spa is pampering, luxury and supreme service. In this day and age, there are plenty of us who provide these types of experiences while adding a lot of value to make it feasible for anyone! Choose wise and support those who are selflessly passionate and love pampering you!

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